The agency

ADYPTIQUE is an architectural practice set up in 2013 and launched in 2014 by two impertinent young spirits who met at the architecture school of Versailles. After working in various firms in France, they decided to confront their two approaches within a single structure.

The DNA of ADYPTIQUE is the conjunction of the diptych – two separate but complementary units – and the atypical aspect of an object with no determined characterization.

A diptych is two parallel elements which, although opposed, become complementary and indissociable. Though they can exist individually, they complement each other to become one. This approach is essential to our practice.
Exchanging and confronting ideas, knowledge, and opinions with those involved in the construction process allow us to develop a great and unique design. We are ourselves two individuals who draw their inspiration and creativity from diverse worlds, sometimes quite distant from architecture. It is from the confrontation of those different worlds and personalities is what brings to life the uniqueness and emotion of a project.

The atypical part is the extraordinary and singular aspect of our day-to-day experience which is the basis of our inspiration. Without pre-set formal constraints, we work on the interaction between simple elements. Each element, even common, has an intrinsic value and it is the combination, and the fusion of these principles, which enrich the spaces. Confronting these ideas with the constraints of every day life makes it possible to achieve a non-anecdotal project, which corresponds with its site and function while retaining an atypical character.

ADYPTIQUE is a catalyst, a generator of links and connections between those involved in the building process and their universe in order to create a unique project.