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Augustin DYCKE    

After two years of hands-on experience in the field so as to familiarize myself with the processes involved in the implementation of architectural projects, I felt the desire to confront my own design ideas with reality, which led me to create my own architectural production medium as early as 2010. My curiosity and my thirst for discovery lead me to try and experiment in various domains.

ADYPTIQUE because I am curious about everything around me and I remain open and attentive throughout a project.

Key dates:

2014 – ADYPTIQUE architectural practice – Founder
2013 – Setting up of ADYPTIQUE agence d’architecture
2011 – Project management accreditation on ENSAV
2010 – Setting up of AD Architecture (self-employed)
2008 – MSC in architecture “micro-landscaping in architecture” ENSAV

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Architecture arises from the confrontation between an idea/a concept and a reality/a context.  My education at the École Normale Supérieure d’Architecture de Versailles (ENSAV) and my 4 years experience as a project manager have allowed me to understand the interactions between theses elements to create a unique and singular space.  Now, I would like to develop atypical projects both inscribed in an environmental approach and integrated in the landscape and society.

ADYPTIQUE because it is possible, thanks to the inspiration provided by a riche and diverse network system, to create an innovative, original and unique realization.                                                                                               Key dates:

2014 – ADYPTIQUE Architectural practice Co-Founder
2009 – MSC in Architecture and redeveloppement of former industrial
2008 – MSC in Historical Gardens, Heritage and Landscape

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